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Oct 19, 2021

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A new construction build will become exponentially more complicated when you’re not on site every single day to receive deliveries that can sometimes get rescheduled last minute.

Pinhoti Challenge: How can we make receiving and storing our building supplies more convenient and secure when our property is located over an hour away?

Pinhoti Solution: Our solution was to utilize the portable storage containers primarily used for a residential move as our temporary shipping and receiving hub. We had 1-800-PACKRAT deliver their all-steel, waterproof storage container to our home office. That way we can quickly receive the deliveries and then continue with our day, avoiding the 3+ hours of commuting back and forth to our construction site. Once our container is full, 1-800-PACKRAT will come pick up the container and deliver it to site ready for us to use!

Chip’s Tip: Create a spreadsheet of your expected deliveries and color code your items so that when you’re ready to unload, you know exactly where everything goes!

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