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Aug 12, 2021

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As the cost of building materials continues to surge, construction sites are becoming more susceptible to theft. And with our remote location, our project could look like an easy target. In fact, we had several people from the county’s building department, local building crews and others warn us of recent thefts along our forestry service road. We won’t be able install a temporary power pole for another few weeks, but we need we needed to go ahead and address our jobsite security.

Pinhoti Challenge: How can we remotely monitor the our construction site and mitigate our potential losses from theft (without power or internet)?

Our Pinhoti Solution: As an avid outdoorsman, Chip had several trail cameras for wildlife observation that we were able to put to use to provide security and monitoring of our build site. These wireless cellular cameras text photos directly to Chip’s phone and run off battery power which can be supplemented with the solar power battery packs. We installed several throughout the property, making sure to cover both the entry and exit of the property to capture any license plates of unauthorized vehicles. We also posted signs notifying passersby of our cameras to deter the thefts from happening in the first place!

Benefits of a Cellular Trail Camera for Jobsite Security

  1. Instant notification of activity on your property and no SD cards to check.
  2. Protection for your property with 24/7 monitoring with the infrared nighttime photography.
  3. Solar powered battery options in direct sunlight extend battery life giving unlimited monitoring timelines.
  4. Easy to install or relocate.

Pinhoti Problem Solving Tools & Partners:

Fusion X Wireless Camera by Stealth Cam

Sol-Pak Solar Battery Pack by Stealth Cam

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