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Mar 18, 2023

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Ah, the ADU bathroom – where form meets function and style meets substance! As designers, we can’t help but get excited about the endless possibilities that come with creating a modern bathroom, especially when we partner up with some of our favorite brands like Daltile and Kohler. With its sleek lines, bold fixtures, and creative use of natural materials, the ADU bathroom is a space that makes you feel like you’re visiting your favorite spa. From statement lighting fixtures to high-tech features, there’s no shortage of ways our team infused a touch of luxury into this design. So let’s dive in and explore the elements that make this bathroom a fun and functional space to be in!

We started with the Lodern Floating vanity, its sleek and minimalist design immediately sets the tone for the modern aesthetic. Its clean lines, geometric shape and warm walnut finish complement the overall design scheme, while its floating installation adds an extra touch of sophistication. Pairing this vanity with the Purist collection modern vibrant brushed moderne brass fixtures is a natural choice, as their bold and contemporary look perfectly matches the vanity’s aesthetic and gives the room a distinctively modern and unified decor.

The deep black hue and unique veining pattern of the Nero Marquin, Pietra-Davina tiles from Daltile adds a touch of luxury to the space. We transitioned from the larger 12×24 rectangular floor tiles to the smaller 2″ triangle tiles for the shower floor and accent wall. The dark natural stone provides striking contrast to the light and airy feel of Timeless White and Elegant Beige 4×12 Perpetuo Tiles. This simple contrast along with the other earthy design elements, creates a sense of balance and calm in the overall design.

To complete the modern bathroom, the Sunfield lighted mirrors from Sterling Plumbing are a must-have addition. These mirrors provide a natural and authentic daylight-like experience, making them the perfect choice for all your grooming tasks.

Explore the pictures below, or click here to jump to the free downloadable design specifications.

Sources & Specifications

Purist plumbing fixtures (shower faucets and drain, sink faucets and drains), toilet, intelligent toilet seat, sinks, mirrors, robe hooks, valet and paper dispenser by Kohler; floor and wall tile by Daltile; hardware and vanity by Kohler; lighted mirrors by Sterling Plumbing; light switches by Legrand; shower door and surround by Coastal Shower Doors; door by Trimlite; door hardware by Delaney.

*Note: The Dreamchaser Mural from York Wallcoverings was installed in the main entry rather than ADU bathroom.

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