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Jan 21, 2022

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Pinhoti Peak is not a typical build! Everything is made of heavy steel, and there are NO interior load-bearing walls.

Chip’s Tips & Take-A-Ways

  1. Supporting your roof independently from the house gives you the absolute maximum flexibility with interior space design, as well as the flexibility to rearrange and remodel easily with no structural changes in the future.
  2. When dealing with elements that are directly exposed to the elements, especially steel that can oxidize or rust – picking the right protective coating that is both high quality and looks great both inside and outside the home. 
  3. When dealing with steel (which is SUPER HEAVY)  These beams weigh about 70lbs per running foot… at 40′ long, this turns into more than a DIY project.    Have the right equipment on site to help ensure you can move heavy items around safely.   

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GEM City Steel

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