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Jun 27, 2022

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Product Objective: Chip often says that he wants Pinhoti Peak to be an impenetrable fortress. What he means is that once we finish building, we want this structure to be solid, resilient and energy efficient with little to no maintenance.

Our Pinhoti Solution: We started with a solid foundation and then metal studwork, but a keystone in creating this impenetrable fortress at Pinhoti is ensuring both air and moisture stay out of our structure with the top of the line sheathing from Georgia Pacific.

GP’s DensElement® Barrier System barrier system is an innovative 3-in-1 sheathing, water-resistive barrier and air barrier (WRB/AB) allowed us to build a better building envelope…with greater efficiency! Their website explains:

DensElement® Barrier System combines product ideation and experimentation to deliver its patented AquaKor™ Technology. Integrating the fiberglass mat and gypsum core to form a monolithic, hydrophobic surface transforms the entire gypsum sheathing into a WRB-AB that blocks bulk water while allowing vapor to pass through.

DensElement® helps protect the building envelope design and achieves quicker dry-in time with these great features:

  • Versatility: DensElement® can be used behind nearly any cladding type including brick, metal panels, EIFS, stone, fiber cement siding, and rain screen assemblies. At Pinhoti we are installing it behind our fiber cement façade from Equitone.
  • Efficiency: Rather than our crew having to install a separate weather barrier AND air barrier, we get both with DensElement®. We effectively eliminated an entire cladding pass around the structure!
  • Weather Resistance: DensElement® can be installed in dry or wet weather conditions! So goodbye to rain delays (well at least for the sheathing install)!

Pinhoti Problem Solving Tools & Partners:

GP’s DensElement® Barrier System

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