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Jun 1, 2022

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As seen on Fox & Friends – May 22, 2022

Pauli and I are so excited that our friends over at Fox decided to follow this journey of building Pinhoti Peak. Even though we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of projects, we are learning so much while building this modern mountain cabin on top of Fort Mountain in North Georgia.

We are currently wrapping up the dry-in stages of our build and seeing it come together at this point is so overwhelmingly exciting! Here are some of our favorite brands from this build that you can incorporate into your next project for huge impact…and most are DIY friendly!

*Housekeeping Note: The products featured below are compensated placements and this post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through one of our links at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products we have personally used and while some of the pics and stats may come from the manufacturer, all of the tips and opinions are our own.

InterAx from Tensar

Building on top of a mountain poses many challenges…and one of those most obvious is dealing with the steep terrain. To maximize our views from the building site, we will need to climb the property at a fairly steep percentage even with creating a few cutbacks up the driveway.

At Pinhoti we installed a geogrid system called InterAx from Tensar to improve the aggregate stability by locking the rock fill together. The geogrid is placed on top of the subgrade and once small stones and fines are installed over, the grid will “interact” with both the underlying soil and gravel above to provide that desired traction that won’t get washed down the mountain. Chip explains it all in the video below!

For a more DIY friendly installation consider the smaller rolls of TENSAR AmeriGrid™ Geogrid Stabilization Solutions. This easy to install, unique triangular structure locks aggregate in place providing:

  • Landscape and driveway stabilization
  • Soil stabilization that helps lock foundation materials in place
  • Sure foundations for hardscaping, paver patios, driveways retaining walls, and even larger infrastructure projects like roads

TENSAR AmeriGrid™ is easily shipped to your site, and standard roll sizes make this geogrid easy to maneuver with minimal waste. For more DIY projects, you can always trust Tensar!

Available at HOME DEPOT and AMAZON

Did you know that 6 out of 10 homes are hazardous to the occupants’ health due to indoor air quality problems? If you’ve ever felt cold and clammy in your home, it’s likely due to too much humidity, feel more comfortable at a higher thermostat setting when you control the relative humidity to the recommended 50% during the humid seasons!

Pinhoti Peak’s architecture creates an additional challenge for our humidity control, but thankfully, Santa Fe Ultra whole house ventilating dehumidifiers integrate with our HVAC system to provide dedicated moisture control, fresh air ventilation and superior air filtration for the entire home. We will be able to proactively protect against excess moisture with no more portables around the house!

For more information on how Santa Fe dehumidifiers help ensure your home is comfortable, healthy, and safe, visit www.Santa-Fe-Products.com

We not only wanted Pinhoti Peak’s architecture to capitalize on the beauty of its environment, but also fill the home with with inspiration from nature. We were so excited to find Muir Way to bring that connection of some of the places we love most into the project.

Muir Way provides museum quality topographical maps that will blow you away. These maps connect you with places and adventures. Map options include:

In addition to maps, Muir Way offers vintage prints of fish and other zoology subjects.

All of Muir Way’s prints are made in the USA and every map gives back. 1% of every sale goes directly to supporting organizations helping to protect our land, water and air from human impact.

Our building process has already taken us through all four seasons up at Pinhoti Peak. So, we’ve already experienced some extremely challenging weather with ice storms, fallen trees and frozen roads. These challenges emphasized just how important back up power is to this off the grid property!

We recently sourced a 14 kW KOHLER generator with an automatic transfer switch to keep all our important electronics, major appliances and HVAC working. We chose KOHLER for it’s reliability. Each KOHLER generator is equipped with a heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine and a corrosion-proof enclosure that ensures the generator stands up to even the most extreme weather!

Another reason we choose the Kohler 14 kW generator is the convenience of installation. The generator is connected directly to our on-site liquid propane tank so there’s no manual refilling of gas. Plus, it’s super quiet. The sound level is comparable to a typical central air conditioner.

We can rest peacefully knowing our security system won’t crash with a local power outage, and our kiddos will be glad to know they won’t lose their electronics even in a snow storm!

Click here or on the image below to watch the Fox & Friends Segment!

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