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Aug 6, 2021

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Did you know that the average 40ft trailer needs approximately 100 feet to turn u-turn?

And why is that important to know? Well, building in the middle of nowhere (especially on top of a mountain) generally doesn’t provide you with an adequate site to properly receive deliveries for your off-grid build.

Pinhoti Challenge: How can we safely receive our construction supplies off a forestry service road that’s only 20 foot wide?

Logistics will be one of the top five challenges with any new construction build. But now, with lead times and delivery increasing, ensuring you have an easily accessible staging area for your construction supplies will be critical for your project success. The last thing anyone wants is for the product to be in route but the delivery can’t be received because the truck driver cannot get to and from the site safely.

Our Pinhoti Solution: Now at the very beginning of this project, we are creating a 100 foot wide cul-de-sac so that even the largest tractor trailers will be able to deliver materials and easily u-turn. Chip explains it all in the video below!

Chip’s Tips & Take-A-Ways

  1. Create a Landing Zone for your materials at the start of your build.
  2. The magic dimension for a full size semi to turn around is 100 ft diameter.
  3. Marking spray paint is a great way to visually communicate with people on the job site without leaving permanent paint behind.
  4. Identify your lowest grade and remove dirt from the higher points to avoid backfilling and compacting if possible.

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