Mountain Building Challenge: Installing a Driveway

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Aug 10, 2021

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Building on top of a mountain poses many challenges…and one of those most obvious is dealing with the steep terrain. To maximize our views from the building site, we will need to climb the property at a fairly steep percentage even with creating a few cutbacks up the driveway.

Pinhoti Challenge: How can we properly reinforce and stabilize the driveway to provide great traction up the slope?

Our Pinhoti Solution: We installed a geogrid system called InterAx from Tensar to improve the aggregate stability by locking the rock fill together. The geogrid is placed on top of the subgrade and once small stones and fines are installed over, the grid will “interact” with both the underlying soil and gravel above to provide that desired traction that won’t get washed down the mountain. Chip explains it all in the video below!

Pinhoti Problem Solving Tools & Partners:

Tensar InterAx™ Geogrids

DSR Contracting in Elijay, GA

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  1. Geocells and geogrids both have their place in commercial projects and have their own pros and cons. For instance, geocells are stronger and make more sense for a forest road or slope stabilization measure, whereas geogrids are more flexible and work well in concert with other stabilization methods.

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