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Mar 20, 2023

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A cluttered closet can cause a lot of stress and frustration. When you can’t find what you need, or when clothes and accessories are strewn all over the place, it can make getting ready in the morning a daunting task. One of the ways that we essentially force ourselves out of this mess is by designing ‘open concept’ closets.

When you rip off the doors, you get an opportunity to really make your closet a visually dynamic and cohesive element of the room’s design. One of the easiest ways to create that beautiful backdrop for your storage is to add a wall treatment behind your storage solutions. Here at Pinhoti, we chose two different wallpapers from York Wallcoverings for our closet canvases.

In the double bedroom one we installed the Tribe Wallpaper on one wall behind a custom ClosetMaid installation. The geometric pattern plays so nicely off the Penta chandelier from ET2, and the little bit of shine brings a subtle contrast to the earthy tones throughout the room. We also extended the storage capacity of the room with a custom installation of Burrow’s Index Wall Shelves that pairs nicely with the ClosetMaid solution. The shelves made for a unique and functional headboard solution for the double beds, and provides ample space to display a variety of accessories from Sagebrook Home. Having all our clothing and accessories where we can see them at a glance is so beneficial.

York’s Speakeasy Wallpaper in Light Grey adds a touch of vintage elegance to our middle bedroom. We expanded the installation past the closet and onto the focal wall to provide a consistent and calm backdrop for the Westin Bedroom Suite from Intercon Furniture. We again opted for a custom solution for the closet storage with SpaceCreations from ClosetMaid. With a variety of shelves, drawer, rods finishes, and hardware, you can customize your closet to fit your specific needs and aesthetics. And the icing on top…ClosetMaid systems are also DIY friendly!

We certainly aren’t the only ones embracing this trend! Whether it is the desire for a minimalist lifestyle, the increased focus on sustainability, or the abundant inspiration of stylish and organized closets, open concept closets are on the rise. These doorless closet systems are an attractive alternative to traditional closets for many people who want a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Design specifications are free to download.

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