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May 25, 2023

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Welcome to the Beasley Knob Bedroom, a stunning retreat on the terrace level of Pinhoti Peak. This bedroom is a perfect blend of modern sophistication and cowboy charm, featuring the finest furniture suite from Intercon that provides ample storage and a closet outfitted with gear and clothing from Buffalo Jackson. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rugged elegance of this space and experience the ultimate cowboy getaway.

A Storage Haven

When you step into the Beasley Knob Bedroom, you’ll be greeted by an incredible amount of storage space provided by the furniture suite from Intercon. The suite combines functionality with style, featuring heavy hardwoods that exude quality craftsmanship. The bed, dresser, and nightstands offer a sleek and modern look, while the rich wood finish adds warmth and character to the room.

The centerpiece of the bedroom is the luxurious bed from Intercon, designed to provide comfort and support for a restful sleep. With its sturdy frame and elegant headboard, this bed serves as a focal point that ties the entire room together. We completed the look with a plush mattress from King & Queen Mattress Company and soft linens from Avasa Home, and you’ll have a cozy retreat that invites you to unwind and relax.

Cowboy Chic Closet

The Beasley Knob Bedroom boasts a closet that perfectly captures the modern cowboy aesthetic, thanks to the gear and clothing from Buffalo Jackson. This brand specializes in high-quality leather goods and rugged apparel that embody the spirit of the American West. From flannel shirts to leather vests, the closet is filled with pieces that add a touch of authenticity and style to the room.

The closet is thoughtfully organized with the SpaceCreations Closet Storage System, ensuring that every item has its place. This customizable system allows you to maximize the storage space and keep your clothing and accessories neatly arranged. With its sleek design and functional features, the SpaceCreations system adds a touch of elegance to the closet while providing practical storage solutions.

Bring Nature Indoors

To infuse the Beasley Knob Bedroom with a touch of nature, consider adding ever green plants from AFLORAL in black metal stands from Sagebrook Home. These unique and eye-catching pieces bring a sense of greenery into the room, without the maintenance of real plants. The Pencil Catctus from Afloral adds a wild and rugged element to your space, evoking the spirit of the untamed West. This plant features long, slender branches and vibrant green foliage, making it a striking addition to any room. The black metal stands are available in different sizes, from 20″ to 40″, these plants and stands add texture and visual interest to your space.

Relax in the Lodge Chair

Our team created a cozy reading nook or a comfortable spot to unwind in the Beasley Knob Bedroom with the Lodge Chair from Burrow. This stylish and inviting chair features a solid oak frame and camel leather upholstery, exuding a rustic yet sophisticated charm. Its compact size of 29″ L x 31″ W x 33″ H makes it a versatile piece that can fit seamlessly into any corner of the room.

The Lodge Chair offers the perfect combination of comfort and style, with its plush cushions and supple leather. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation, this chair provides the ultimate seating experience. It’s the ideal addition to the Beasley Knob Bedroom, allowing you to embrace the cowboy spirit while indulging in comfort and luxury, especially when paired with a super soft throw from Bedford Collection.

Entertainment at Its Finest

No modern bedroom is complete without a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and the Beasley Knob Bedroom delivers just that with the Hisense U8H Mini-LED 4K Smart TV. This high-definition television offers stunning clarity and detail, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in immersive quality.

The Hisense U8H Mini-LED 4K Smart TV features a sleek design and advanced technology that enhances our guest’s viewing experience. With its smart capabilities, you can easily access streaming services, browse the web, and control your TV with voice commands. Whether you’re relaxing in bed or unwinding after a long day, this TV provides the ultimate entertainment solution in the Beasley Knob Bedroom.

Paint, Artwork and Decor

Benjamin Moore’s Britannia Blue may have been an unexpected choice for the Beasley Knob Bedroom. Most of Pinhoti’s walls were kept simple with Benjamin Moore’s simply white. Our team wanted to give this room some definition and contrast. The rich and deep blue hue adds depth and sophistication to the space, while the satin finish on the trim and eggshell finish on the walls create a subtle contrast. The paint colors enhance the overall ambiance of the room, creating a calming and inviting environment.

To make the Beasley Knob Bedroom truly unique, our team added personal touches with artwork and decor. Juniper Prints offers a wide range of vintage-inspired artwork that adds character and charm to your space. Choose pieces that resonate with your style and interests, whether it’s a nostalgic travel poster or a nature-inspired print.

In addition to artwork, the team included a custom installation of cowboy boots, a Longhorn Steer Horn Mount from Safari works paired with decorative accents from Sagebrook Home to elevate the overall aesthetic of the room. Delicate vases, unique sculptures, and stunning decorative pieces were strategically placed throughout the Beasley Knob Bedroom to create visual interest and showcase this hybrid style. These accessories add personality and charm.

Flooring and Rug

The Parterre 6mm LVT flooring from AHF provides a durable and stylish foundation for the entire space. With its 7″ wide planks and authentic wood look, it adds warmth and texture to the room, creating a cozy atmosphere.

For the finishing touches in the Beasley Knob Bedroom, the team added a Nova Blue rug from Mayberry Rugs. This 9’x12′ rug features a striking pattern and a soothing color palette that complements the overall aesthetic of the room. Its soft and plush texture adds warmth and comfort underfoot, completing the look of your cowboy retreat.

Recessed Can Lighting

The Slim Direct to Ceiling LED lights from Kichler offer a sleek and modern lighting solution that illuminates the space without overpowering it. With their white finish and subtle design, these lights seamlessly blend into the ceiling, providing a soft and inviting glow.

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