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May 22, 2023

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Welcome to the Bear Creek Camp Bath at Pinhoti Peak! This unique bathroom design takes the traditional “jack and jill” layout to the next level with upgraded features and a modern aesthetic. With its innovative design and carefully selected products, the Bear Creek Camp Bath offers both functionality and style.

The Layout: A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Convenience

The Bear Creek Camp Bath is strategically designed to serve multiple purposes while maintaining a seamless flow. The bathroom consists of two distinct areas: a toilet room on one side and a toilet and shower room on the other. These two spaces are connected by a three-stall vanity open to the hallway, providing the function of both a full bath and a half bath. This layout ensures easy access for the nearby bedrooms, as well as the main living room and kitchen areas.

The Vanity: Sleek and Stylish Storage Solution

The centerpiece of the Bear Creek Camp Bath is the Lodern Wall-Hung Vanity. With its sleek and minimalist design, this vanity sets the tone for the modern aesthetic of the room. The clean lines, geometric shape, and warm walnut finish add a touch of sophistication. The floating installation of the vanity not only creates a visually appealing look but also maximizes floor space, making the bathroom feel more spacious. Daltile’s OneQuartz countertops in Lincoln White were used to create a custom countertop, backsplash and shelf that adds class and functionality.

The Sinks: Undermount Elegance

To complement the Lodern Wall-Hung Vanity, the Bear Creek Camp Bath features three 36-inch Kathryn undermount sinks by Kohler. These sinks not only provide a seamless and elegant look but also offer practicality and convenience. The white color of the sinks adds a fresh and clean vibe to the overall design, enhancing the modern aesthetic of the bathroom.

The Toilet: Compact and Efficient

In terms of toilets, the Bear Creek Camp Bath features the OneQuartz Brazn one-piece compact elongated toilet by Kohler. This toilet combines compact design with efficient functionality. The Lincoln White color adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom. The leather-honed finish gives it a luxurious appearance, making it a perfect fit for the modern aesthetic of the space.

The Shower Base: Durability and Style

For the shower area, the Bear Creek Camp Bath is equipped with the Archer shower base by Kohler in the Thunder Grey color. This shower base not only provides durability and functionality but also adds a stylish touch to the bathroom. The Thunder Grey color creates a modern and contemporary look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

The Shower Door: A Statement Piece

To complete the shower area, the Bear Creek Camp Bath features the Coastal Shower Doors Gridscape® 4 Palisade Swing Door with Inline Panel in a striking Matte Black finish. This shower door not only serves as a functional element but also acts as a statement piece, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to the bathroom. The Matte Black finish complements the modern aesthetic of the space, giving it a contemporary and edgy look.

The Mirrors: Illuminating Elegance

To provide both functionality and style, the Bear Creek Camp Bath is equipped with three Sunfield Lighted Mirrors by Sterling Plumbing. These mirrors offer a natural and authentic daylight-like experience, making them perfect for all grooming tasks. The Composed wall-mount touchless faucet by Kohler adds an extra touch of elegance and convenience to the vanity area, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the users.

The Wall Treatment: Adding Texture and Personality

The use of natural wood-looking cladding from Versatex along the bathroom vanity area, seamlessly matching the hallway, imbues the bathroom with a harmonious blend of casual elegance and captivating drama.

To enhance the overall ambiance of the Bear Creek Camp Bath, a Watercolor Horizon Wall Mural from York Wallcoverings is installed. This stunning mural features a beautiful taupe and grey color palette, adding depth and texture to the walls. The mural creates a unique and captivating backdrop, adding personality and character to the space.

Artwork: Adding Charm and Inspiration

To complete the aesthetic of the Bear Creek Camp Bath, carefully selected artwork is displayed throughout the bathroom. A hand-painted black resin ingot box by Sagebrook Home adds a touch of charm and elegance, while Muir Way’s North America 1965 Shaded Relief Map brings a sense of adventure and inspiration to the space. These carefully curated pieces of art contribute to the overall ambiance and create a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Additional Accessories: Enhancing Functionality and Style

To ensure convenience and functionality, the Bear Creek Camp Bath is equipped with a range of additional accessories. The Composed Mastershower controls by Kohler provide precise temperature and flow control for an optimal showering experience. Composed towel bars in a matte black finish add a stylish and practical touch, keeping towels within easy reach. These accessories enhance the overall functionality and style of the bathroom, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the users.

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